“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci

The idea it brings this website reminds that LIFE is more precious. That does not mean you need to serious about it and take a lot of care, it means ENJOY the whole process. Be in a bliss every moment of your life. Be kind other others (any kind of living things). We are all one, we are all part of the same family called EARTH. There is no border in Nature. Its created by small thinking minds. Time to get rid of these things.

Majority of us are totally going in an opposite direction, or one has to consciously think what they are doing. give little time for oneself and realize the true facts. No one can teach these things, Its a journey of an individual and definitely there is no fixed formula for so.

With this aspect, here we like to bring together experts opinions from different areas/subjects. these inspirational talks and writings might bring us some hope and happiness in everyone’s life.